They are are 185/80-15 tires. Originally all US-bound TR6s came equipped with 185R15 size tires (Redline Michelins or Goodyears). Ground clearance is not a problem and the tires appropriately fill-out the wheel wells for an updated, but not bad look. I am pretty good at reading the manual, and both the manual and the placard inside the glove box call for 20 psi front and 24 psi rear. Another important consideration is how the car will be used. It should not be used for membership questions. So as far as driveability on the road there is not a great deal of difference with my new tire choice. If you have TR250 4 inch wires, this is the biggest tire that they recommend. If you’re into autox you might want the 205/70 because they are roughly 2% smaller diameter. Only down side is they are pricey. The only problem that I saw was that a lot of the offerings in the “correct” size are white-walls… too tacky IMHO for a TR6.

If they have to use the regular machine, have them mount from the inside of the rim, not the outside. It costs too much to keep installing and balancing them. I purchased a '74 TR-6 in June.

These tires work out to be less than 1% larger overall diameter than the original. Even though 65 profile is still on the high side, they’ve made a great improvement in handling over my old high-mileage ‘truck’ tires. I run about 22 Front / 26 rear and have found this to be the best combination of ride and match to the suspension for handling. Now, I had a set of Pirelli P5 215VR70-15’s on the Six last year, and those are really cool, but they cost >$160 per tire. However, the 185/80-15 tire was used quite a bit by British cars.

Any idea of what tire would best emulate the Michelin X and be able to be run at the lower tire pressures (22F/26R, probably requiring a tube)? That’s a lot. Michelin, Avon and Commander. Bottom line: Michelins are roughly $220 per corner. The overall diameter of these tires is 25.5” about 1” shorter than stock. Fifty profile tires would also radically alter the final gear ratio of the car making highway cruising difficult.

That’s a plus for me, because I drive a lot of long- distance runs with my car. To be honest I would love to buy some new Michelin X Redlines, run tubes, and continue to enjoy the classic ride.

Incredible innovations through the years are represented with such revered models as the Double Rivet bias ply tires, the X Radial, XWX and the high performing TRX radial tires. They are also excellent replacements for 640-15 bias ply tires that came on many classic Jaguar, BMW, Austin and Volvo applications from the '50s, '60s and '70s. The compromise I chose between performance and the other considerations was to go with 205/65R15 size tires. The best advice I can offer is to talk to a qualified tire technician who will listen to what your specific needs are and recommend accordingly. yes I do some occasional spirited driving, but mostly cruise, as per the original tires lasting this long. You can still get Dunlop SP "H" rated, and Michelin 180-15 XAS (which are closer to the redline than other 185s) and I don't know about Pirellis.

I have driven quite a bit on them already this year (over 1000 miles so far) and they are pretty nice. The old 195/75R15s were very forgiving of minor bumps and road irregularities. I sought the advice of experts and read several articles on the subject. Thus, there are some equivalent tires available from any of the tire manufacturers.

The car is now much more responsive than before, quicker, and so much more fun to drive. At any rate, I bought a set of Michelin XGT4 tires in the 215/70-15 size. The Michelins requires tubes, I don’t know about the others. Whether it's an authentic restoration of a splash of color to your custom ride, redline tires are an excellent choice from our premium selection of collector tires. I would stay away from the 205/70-15 or shorter profiles (like 60 series) unless you don’t care about how accurate your speedometer is. The Michelin redlines are popular here in the 'states for nostalgic reasons, and today are one of the few remaining tyres in the original U.S. TR6 spec. I paid roughly $91 each installed. To find my new highway speed at 3500 rpm, the formula is: overall tire diameter times engine rpm divided by the differential gear ratio times selected gear ratio times 346. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2020 | Website by. In addition, new 185R15s can cost upwards of $200.00 per tire— if you can find them! Redline Radial Tires | Coker Classic Redline Tires Coker Classic Redline tires are perfect for muscle cars as well as some import applications. Regards, If you want to contact our webmaster, use this convenient form. I checked Coker Tires and found the 195 R70-15 redlines looked great but were over $200 each prior to installation.

Some of the advice I picked up may be of interest to anyone else looking for replacement tires for their British sports car. That’s a lot. Bottom line: Michelins are roughly $220 per corner. The car had been sitting in a garage since 1980 and although the tires had a lot of tread remaining, they had to be replaced. They look very good on the TR6 and provide a smooth, compliant ride. Others: The 80 series tires are pretty much passe’ if you’re into driving. So, at 3500 rpm in fourth gear (no overdrive on my car) my speed is (25.5 X 3500) divided by (3.71 X 1.0 X 346) = 69.52 mph. DOT and ECE (European Union) approved, with an all-season tread design and backed by our life of the tread warranty. Back in 1987 when I was using the TR6 daily, I purchased a set of used 195/75R15 tires to get me around town. Originally all US-bound TR6s came equipped with 185R15 size tires (Redline Michelins or Goodyears). Redlines: There are apparently three sources for red-lines.

Like 205/70R15s, they are almost equal on overall diameter to the original tires, but as I started to use the 6 as a weekend cruiser and occasional autocrosser, cornering performance became more and more of a consideration. Thanks again, May 20, 2016 @ 8:51 am Redline tires are available in traditional bias ply or radial construction for many popular applications. (Of course, whitewalls can be mounted with the black side out.). As I began my search for new tires I also had to be aware of how they would affect the overall ground clearance, gearing and aesthetics of the TR. Replacing the tires on your car as they wear out is a necessity of car ownership. If they try to mount the “normal” way, they might bend your rims!!!! These are readily available and will fit the 5.5” rim original to the TR6. Chattanooga, TN 37402, GR-13/15 Radial Tube | TR13 Offset Rubber Stem, 1962 - 1971 Jaguar E-Type Tire / Wheel Package.

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