Customer Care for Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Ensuring the Care of Your Customers

Frontline provides customer care support through outsourced service agents for 9 core industries on behalf of over 100 different brands. We understand that you have the same pride in your business that we have in our own. For this reason, we approach client relationships as a partnership, acting as an extension of your vision and team. Support is measured biannually to make sure that our CSAT and NPS scores stay above industry standards. We are always open to supporting new genres when the fit is right. 

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Where to Start

Choosing when to hand your customer support to another company usually starts with the bigger question of why. If you are a startup or launching a new product, this may look like more than 20 calls a day. It may look like a need to support 24/7 so you can land that larger client. If you are a midsize business it may look like a need for consistency to better your reviews or build out your knowledge base. Pain points are a great indicator and can present a little differently for each business. As you embrace them as growing pains and the guides that they are to exploring the really neat options we can provide, you’ll find that outsourcing is not as intimidating as it can seem at first.

9 Core Industries

Retail Client: CoastalScents

Coastal Scents has been a client of Frontline Call Center since 2017. The owners were being stretched thin supporting the US based retail website while the business was growing quickly. Our support solution started with the standard product questions and online order support. A dedicated account manager was provided to help with the administrative and high touch side of the support along with blended agents to provide the inbound call support 24/7. Today, support services also include shipping triage with the suppliers and warehouses, Amazon and CRM management. Coastal Scents has expanded to include international website presence in other languages and supports a dedicated agent team in addition to the blended agent support.