Scaling On-Demand

Frontline Call Center has been and will continue to be an advocate for the work remote model. Over 95% of our employees work remote. This combined with our cloud-based services model enables incredible resourcing flexibility for our clients. Adaptable, cost effective growth solutions mean your business will grow and be supported.  We have clients who have been with us for over 14 years, have moved through acquisitions, have tripled in size and who have started additional businesses. Businesses change, we change our support to keep you growing.

Benefits to Our Customers


While we are happy to provide all your support services when you are our client, we understand that there can be a time and place for having your team members or specialists on our contact platform along with our agents. Benefits for these seats/stations can include cohesive reporting, ease of escalation and support warm handoffs as employees can see your availability status. This is a benefit for clients who are having us support other aspects of their business and is provided at a fraction of the cost of having your own contact center platform.


Your account may not be large enough to require dedicated agents in a physical location.  By outsourcing your tech or customer care support to us, we can staff blended agents to handle your account and others through cloud based skilled routing. With a cost effective minimum monthly charge, you are provided peace of mind through staffing redundancy when someone calls out or takes a vacation and are essentially  paying for what you use on a demand basis once the monthly  minimum has been met. 


By allowing us to hire and staff employees across 14 different States in the US, we provide you with Geographical redundancy that is hard to match. To know that your customer care or tech support is on and available no matter the scenario playing out that is impacting your main office is a reassurance that can be relayed to your customers.  Our 99.99% uptime is provable and tracked by NICE inContact’s Trust Office.

Scale on Demand with Remote Customer Service