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8 considerations when searching for a new solution

December 31, 2019|

Looking for a new solution takes time and several perspectives. Whether you’re a new contact center or an existing contact center who needs more options, there are several things to take into consideration to take your business to the next level.

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5 tips to create team building working remote

December 30, 2019|

Now more than ever before small and large businesses are moving out of the office and into the great remote world. People are able to work from anywhere that is convenient and in different time zones, all for the same company.

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Managing those we can’t see

December 1, 2019|

We know what needs to be done, but how do we manage our team to ensure we get there? In the era of increased remote workers, so has the need for creating and maintaining a team virtually.

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REad More Middleware Update Without Service Disruption. SOLE fi twist logo With an announcement from a middleware partner they would be closing their business, SOLE Financial needed to move fast. Any disruption in business services would severely impact their customer base. Without delay, Frontline Services stepped in, secured the platform, delivered PCI compliance, and avoided service disruption.

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