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Ternio Switch

The TernioSwitch mobile app allows your agents to stay connected to your customers as well as to your company’s entire team from anywhere. Industries such as banking, healthcare, aerospace, real estate and IT find the TernioSwitch to be an invaluable tool for delivering the highest level of customer support.

User Benefits

Slide Single Sign-On Agents use their current Contact Center username and password. Phone icon Inbound & Outbound Agent, skills based, or direct dial. Both Cold and Warm
transfers or conference calls.
Transfers​ & ​Conference Conference Call icon Now added to the TernioSwitch. VoiceMail cloud key icon Access your Contact Center
address book directly from the app.
Address Book Agents can select
dispositions and add notes on the go.
Dispositions Address book icon Dispositions icon Support Tickets​ Support tickets and Feedback generated
directly from the TernioSwitch.
Passwords Updated directly through the Switch. Ticket Icon Engage in multiple chat interactions
directly from the app.
Chat key icon Person in a circle logo

Take your agents and Cloud Contact Center platform mobile in a matter of minutes.

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Admin Features

Admins now have these powerful new tools at their disposal.


Ability to add one or more agents to the TernioSwitch with a click of a button.


Ability to add or remove Admin access for your team ​directly from the dashboard.


Admin Map View with agent locations so that you can see the agent location at a glance.


Location based GPS Call Reports ​-showing Dispositions, Location, Notes and more.


Real-time Agent Monitoring & Recordings​ from in the office, or out in the field.


$25/user per month with a one time $1000 setup fee per business unit.  Enterprise pricing upon request.

Salesforce integration

An exciting new feature that the TernioSwitch offers is that agents can now use their Salesforce mobile app to call any of their leads.  This will automatically call out from the TernioSwitch allowing all of their calls to be tracked and recorded with all of the Contact Center analytics and reporting available.

TernioSwitch Example

Case Study

An Innovative Aerospace Company

parked airplane



This aerospace company knew it wanted to use the TernioSwitch for after hours sales and support, but they had some other ideas as well. The challenge they recognized was that each division in the company held the answer to specific questions or problems that customers where asking, but they weren’t sure how to tap into this until they learned about the TernioSwitch.  Many of their workforce roamed throughout their facility and were rarely just in their office. The question they asked- was there a way of routing calls to individuals and teams who work all over the facility to immediately assist one of these high value customers?


Most companies use traditional call centers for their customer support or sales. For the most part, this works great. But, there are many applications were a mobile solution could add a depth of knowledge and an immediate response in supporting the customer experience and even assist in closing sales. This particular aircraft company is a perfect example of this. The first thing the company needed to do was to clearly segment each division of their company into their particular specialty. In this case the groups included sales teams, mechanics, engineers, legal, finance, etc. Then all of the teams downloaded the TernioSwitch app onto their own mobile phones, and simply logged in when they came to work.   Once this was setup, the call center could easily conference in or transfer to the specific group or individual that was available where they could immediately address the issues, concerns, questions or sales inquiries directly with the customer- all of this occurring in seconds.

The implementation was a success.

“Our values of innovation and service rely on the technologies offered by our strategic partners (which you are now one of)”

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