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Jill Blankenship – CEO, Frontline

Hello, and welcome to our website. I’m glad you’re here!

Frontline Group is a Customer Experience house consisting of Frontline Call Center, Frontline Services and Ternio. Our teams weave seamlessly to provide contact center solutions for companies looking to outsource customer support or have their platform implemented. We are the industry leaders in building custom solutions for each client and look forward to sharing our expertise and talent in building a solution for your needs.

My name is Jill Blankenship. In 2005 I created Frontline Call Center. I was living on Orcas Island in Washington State and saw a need for a business that did not rely on the cyclical nature of tourism. For the last 15 years, Frontline Call Center has continued to grow, evolve and utilize changing technologies. We have done this with the mantra of providing an exceptional customer experience. Frontline Call Center offers high performance outsourced tech and customer service representatives 24/7/365 to a wide range of company sizes.

In 2013, I saw an opening in an everchanging technology market; from that Frontline Services came into being. Frontline Services offers both Professional and Managed Services, as well as Application Development. As the business grew, I used this experience to position Frontline Services as an early adapter, providing input when helping build Certified Implementation Partnership Programs with key partners. To date, Frontline Services’ Implementation Teams have completed over 1200+ contact center platform implementations.

You are in great hands. Bring your company to the Frontline!

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