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Elevate your customer support with Frontline Call Center’s outsourced call center agents.

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What kind of agent do you need?

Dedicated Agents

Dedicated Agents are exclusively assigned to your NICE CXone instance, ensuring focused and personalized service. These skilled professionals provide dedicated support, sitting on your Frontline’s instance of NICE CXone to meet your specific needs.

Blended Agents

Blended Agents offer versatile support, handling overflow and after-hours tasks on Frontline’s NICE CXone instance. They work seamlessly alongside dedicated agents to deliver a well-rounded service, all within Frontline’s NICE CXone instance.

Outsourced support to fit any company need.

We provide clients with the processes, agents, and technologies that construct a 5-star customer support service.

Healthcare & Medical

Retail Product Support

Food & Beverage

Marketing Support

Services Industries

Hardware & Software

Online Education

Telecom & ISP

Healthcare & Medical Support

Give your patients care beyond the visit.

Your patients deserve the highest level of care, inside and outside of the doctors office. Frontline offers this through aid in appointment services and health plan & insurance support, including HIPAA compliant agents trained to know the medical devices and smart technology needed.  We give special attention to the demographics of patients the technology supports.

Key Features

  • Health plan and insurance support
  • Appointment services
  • Medical faculty front desk
  • Online directory or multi-facility triage
  • Medical smart device and app support

Retail Product Support

Online shopping is tricky enough. We're here to help

With retail products shifting to being primarily sold online, it’s important to have the best customer service support to keep your customers happy, before, after and during their purchases. Our agents are experts at soothing and answering any concerns of customers, while offering your company support on orders, web chat and social media and much more.

Key Features

  • Expert product representation
  • Order support
  • Customer support
  • Web chat and social media support
  • Light Fulfillment

Food & Beverage

With Food and Beverage support, ensure that your customers have the necessary information needed about your products, at any point in time.

Key Features

  • Ingredients representation
  • Customer support
  • Coupon fulfillment
  • Recall Support

Marketing Support

Achieve enhanced customer service with marketing support that gathers timely data and expectations of your customers efficiently so your company can thrive.

Key Features

  • Lead data verification
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Direct Response

Services Industries

With key features like front desk support, event registration and rental and property management our agents are sure to move your customer experience support to the next level.

Key Features

  • Event registration
  • Hospitality
  • Rental & Property management
  • Alert monitoring
  • Front desk

Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software is an integral part of every industry, and nowadays they’re often supported together through on premise hardware and cloud based access. Our agents evaluate the best way to support your use, so that we can be customizable to your needs.  Need integration help? Our development team is able to integrate and support your proprietary software fluidly.

Key Features

  • Tiered technical support
  • Help desk
  • Applications & 3rd party integrations
  • Systems monitoring
  • Remote check websites for monitoring

Online Education

Especially now, with education being balanced between home and school, it’s important to have the right Call Center support to prevent issues within the virtual classroom. Frontline offers administration support, focusing on risk assessment, ethics and compliance. This support includes proctoring services for certifications or end of course testing. We also provide Student/faculty support for classroom technology, password resets and point of escalation services for network outages.

Key Features

  • Classroom technology support
  • Password resets
  • Course & registration support
  • Network outages for students & faculty

Telecom & ISP

Telecom providers and electric cooperatives that provide Fiber internet services, VOIP and IPTV services generally share similar support needs.  Our tech agents are trained with  the industry standards, systems, and call patterns or trends inherent to Telecom & ISP.  Frontline offers customization to your offerings and unique hardware or software, and agents are trained to your brands industry differentiators. Your end users can be assisted with troubleshooting of everything from emails, access support, to internet speed and connectivity issues.

Key Features

  • Tiered technical support
  • Fiber Internet, VOIP, IPTV services
  • Help Desk
Call Center - Dedicated Agents

Dedicated Agents

Dedicated Agents are exclusively assigned to your NICE CXone instance, ensuring a tailored and high-quality support experience.

Unparalleled Customization

Our Dedicated Agents take the time to understand your unique requirements, allowing them to provide a support experience that is precisely tailored to your business. From specific workflows to customer preferences, they adapt seamlessly to ensure your NICE CXone instance aligns perfectly with your operational needs.

Skilled Professionals

These agents are not just dedicated but also highly trained experts in NICE CXone, adept at leveraging its full potential to benefit your organization. With their deep understanding of the platform and its capabilities, they deliver a level of support that translates into increased efficiency, better customer experiences, and ultimately, enhanced bottom-line results.

Enhanced Efficiency

By exclusively focusing on your instance of NICE CXone, our Dedicated Agents ensure that every aspect of its operation is optimized for peak performance. This leads to reduced downtime, faster issue resolution, and a smoother overall experience, making your business more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs.

Call Center - Blended Agents

Blended Agents

Blended Agents at Frontline provide versatile support, handling overflow and after-hours tasks on your NICE CXone instance.

Adaptive Support

Blended Agents offer a versatile solution to manage your NICE CXone instance’s fluctuating demands. Whether it’s handling overflow during busy periods or providing after-hours assistance, their adaptability ensures that your customers receive consistent support, no matter the time.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By seamlessly integrating with your existing support team, Blended Agents help optimize your workforce. They step in when needed, reducing the strain on your dedicated agents, which results in cost-effective resource allocation and the ability to maintain a high level of service during peak times without overburdening your team.

Round-the-Clock Service

With Blended Agents, you can extend your customer support operations into the after-hours, ensuring 24/7 service availability. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also allows your business to cater to a global audience, providing a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

Call Center - Blended Agents

The power of Frontline's outsourced agents:

Geographical Redundancy

In the event of an office disruption, our agents seamlessly handle your contacts, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Service Disruption

When your team is away, contacts are routed to our agents, avoiding customer out-of-office notifications.

Outbound Surveys

We offer automated custom surveys or agent-led inquiries for precise post-contact feedback.

Advertising Response Support

Unforeseen volume spikes are efficiently managed when you contract us for overflow support, maintaining top-tier service.

Scalable Support

Frontline's agents adapt to your fluctuating support needs, optimizing resource allocation and cost-efficiency.

Multi-Channel Expertise

Proficient in various communication channels, our agents ensure consistent and high-quality support.

Data-Driven Insights

Our agents provide valuable data and insights from customer interactions, supporting informed decision-making.

Quality Assurance

We maintain top-notch service quality through dedicated quality assurance and monitoring for brand alignment and customer satisfaction.

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