5 tips to create team building working remote

5 tips to create team building working remote

Frontline News   •   June 2, 2016

Now more than ever before small and large businesses are moving out of the office and into the great remote world. People are able to work from anywhere that is convenient and in different time zones, all for the same company. This allows a company to pick and choose its employees with the precise professional skills needed.

Not meeting in an office anymore, companies are creating teams to work together remotely, and building relationships to strengthen their performance. Projects can be paired with employees’ skills and morale to successfully complete their job. Check out our list of 5 Tips that we’ve discovered are helpful to build a team while working in the virtual world.

Tips to Create Team Building Working Remotely

1. SOP – Standard Operating Proceedures

Working remote in the beginning, requires time to set up the SOP documentation and the methods for communication.  This will provide the most efficient way to engage with the global team working together to implement projects.  Examples of our remote work include setting up a OneDrive in the cloud, which allows all employees to save documents and important project information in one place.  Set up a professional Zoom account for each member of the company!

This gives the ability to schedule calls and meetings at any time for anywhere in the world.  For each project that is being worked on, having a standard procedure with documents that can be accessed from client to employee is very helpful as this streamlines the entire process.  A platform that both parties can easily access documents with frequent updates is beyond convenient.

Developing the proper motivation one has at work will also help the outcome of a project.  Knowing that this job you are doing will benefit others is a positive motivation.  This alone can create virtue, which is a great SOP.

2. Open forums both formal and informal

Social connections while working remote is important.  This makes work meaningful and creates relationships.  Informal meeting times allows the team to work with each other and get to know one another.  The point of this is to build respect and positive collaboration synergy.  Work can be fun, so with a bit of small talk, expansive quality may appear.  Together peers can help each other stay focused, and work with integrity.

Daily forum catch up

  • 15 min. talk story with fellow peers help to share updates and align
  • Improves collaboration with teams and builds awareness

Team meeting live with Zoom

  • Once a week at the end of the day for 1 hour meet with your entire team live on video

Face to face once a year

  • Few days of gathering non-virtually in a beautiful location can enhance teamwork, productivity, and best of all build strong friendships.
  • This provides the perfect opportunity for the team to contribute and talk about the company’s future, and what they are willing to do to see that vision through.

3. Use GIFS and emojis for communications

Working on a remote team, communication can be hard at times.  By using animated GIFs to express what words alone cannot share has an impact.  This simple conveying about how you feel can get the message across.

4. Virtual culture of adding peers ona a call

While in a meeting with clients working on a project,  know when to say “Kevin should be involved.”  Using teams reach out and go out of your way to catch your peer, and see if they can hop on to the call in the present.  If Kevin is unavailable,  fill him in and keep him in the loop.  Involve the person with emails and schedule future meetings with him.

People that are working in a company have ideas and aspirations that they wish to pursue.  A successful company can ensure progress to that goal is made by helping to enhance their employers’ career path.  This can also open up doorways of the company by providing service to a larger variety of business!  Advanced trainings, learning other platforms, and taking e-courses online will serve your employers and the very company they work for.

5. Grow people, not just profit

We hope you find these tips useful when working remote.  Team building is essential to success for a company that is virtually all over the globe.  If the team has the right motivation, anything is possible!