What to Expect When you Move to a Cloud-Based Contact Center Platform

What to Expect When you Move to a Cloud-Based Contact Center Platform

Many small and medium-sized companies are moving their contact centers to the cloud. Why? To avoid installing large phone systems and other hardware at their site, to offer outsourced agents working with their customers 24/7, and to set up a contact center that can grow as their company grows.

If you want a cloud-based platform, you need to plan a smooth implementation or get an expert firm to help you. In other words, during the transition to the new system, your customers shouldn’t get a dial tone, your data shouldn’t get lost, and your old system should seamlessly talk to your new system.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-Based Platforms?

Would a cloud-based contact center enhance your company? 

Is this you: Your office focuses on specialized products or services, and you don’t have the space to install new phone equipment and/or desks for additional customer service agents? Your employees are overworked from juggling too many customer inquiries and their other job duties? Then YES! Moving your platform will give you the room to grow you are looking for! 

By moving your contact center functions to the cloud, you have the ability for off-site agents available 24/7 to answer your customers’ questions and support customers in many other ways, all without adding any physical equipment to your office. You can also get these additional benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs 
    • Virtual servers. No need to purchase physical products and hardware. 
    • Less expensive, easier access to support. Support teams have access to technology at any time via the internet. 
  • Scalability
    • Your business can scale up or down quickly to fit your situation as your needs change. 
    • Rather than budgeting and taking time to install or remove equipment, your cloud provider can handle that for you. 
  • Efficient Collaboration
    • This allows you to collaborate outside of the normal methods of communication. 
    • You can use cloud computing to give employees and clients access to working documents to work together. 
  • Automated Updates
    • You will always be using an updated server and the most up to date versions of software.

Does Your Contact Center Need to move to a Cloud-Based Platform?

You may think while transitioning to a new system in the cloud, will customers get frustrated with an extended downtime or that data might be lost somewhere on the internet. There is nothing to fear if you are working with an experienced Implementation Team.  

This is where our experience with hundreds of successful cloud implementations is so valuable. We have practiced—over and over—making sure our clients transition to a cloud-based platform without their customers being aware of a change — other than more efficient service. Your customers should love the results.

We carefully put all resources in place to prepare for each implementation and plan out the whole process. What does that look like? We will:

  • We meet with you in advance to ensure that we know exactly what platform you need! 
  • Create a specific schedule and timeline detailing every step
  • Manage every step while keeping you updated
  • Monitor the work so that it doesn’t go over allotted time or cost
  • Measure progress every day and update the schedule to keep it on track
  • Troubleshoot any challenges that come up and quickly solve them
  • Look for any unexpected needs or challenges that we can meet

We will customize the cloud implementation of your platform to your specific business requirements. 

Do you need your cloud-based phone system to integrate with your existing customer database? That’s what we do. We’ve completed over 1200 custom integrations understanding that every business interacts with its database or CRM based on their business needs. Cloud-based platforms are known for being API-friendly!

We’re committed to making every part of your implementation meet your needs. We want to make your team members happy with the new system because it will make their work more manageable, and keep your customers happy with improved service—all with no downtime during the transition. 

Contact the Experts in Contact Center Cloud Implementation

Our expert Implementation Managers can improve your customers’ experience and prepare your contact center for whatever the future brings! 

The team of Implementation Managers that Frontline Services employs are experts at working with you to ensure that all the cloud-based platforms you have opted to use are working together as seamlessly as possible. Contact Frontline Group today to get started.