What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Contact Center Services?

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Contact Center Services?

We are connected through technology more than ever before—and people are using it in new ways. As an example, we’re seeing more customers using tweets to get the attention of companies. Are you able to provide your customers with a consistent experience as your business grows and technology continues to change?

If your small business is like most, then your employees are struggling to keep up with increasing contact from customers, their work is constantly being interrupted, and they’re putting out fires, instead of spending their time building better products and services.

That’s why you should think about the benefits of outsourcing your contact center services. Do you want to have an increasing amount of your own employees working on customer service, or would you rather have a dedicated firm taking care of it?

Frontline Group’s contact center services can grow with you, and we can help you meet your service levels and KPIs. Through our collaborative approach, we are able to mirror your support processes in a way that consistently elevates the customer experience (CX).

What Are Contact Center Services?

Contact centers have historically been physical locations that handle, direct and process inbound and outbound contacts. However, this has evolved over the past couple of years to include cloud-based centers, not just premise-based contact centers. 

Contact centers can include support teams of two to two thousand—or any number of employees needed. These teams also come in many types, with different industry norms, services, and standards for each, including:

  • Help Desks: A single agent or small team of agents who have ready answers to technical problems, delivering quick solutions to customers who contact them.
  • Customer Service Centers: A team of customer service agents working together to solve a variety of customer concerns and maintain a consistently excellent customer experience. 
  • Reservation Centers: A team of agents who help customers plan and secure reservations for rental cars, hotel rooms, entertainment tickets, and other similar services. 
  • Telemarketing and Collection Centers: Workers who are experts in outbound contacts, trained to close sales, set appointments, collect payments, and other similar tasks.

In addition, contact centers may focus on inbound contacts, outbound contacts, or automated contacts. As our communication methods and tasks continue to change, the term “contact center” keeps evolving as well as the unique services you need for your business. 

Now that you know about standard industry services, let’s look at the additional services Frontline Call Center layers into our support that makes it different from everyone else.  

Our Focus Is High-Touch Customer Care

We chose to focus on the first three types of support—help desks, customer service, and reservation support—because they all have a commonality: they share a similar agent profile that is centered around excellent customer care. 

For us, customer care is a verb, not a noun. We carry out support in such a way that the client or customer is left with a sense of being understood and helped to the fullest extent an agent has been enabled to provide. In contrast, telemarketing and collection centers require agents with a sales skill set, and we leave that type of task to those experts. 

“High-touch” to us means there should be no discernable difference between us and our client in the support given. By using our clients’ platforms, websites, and CRMs, we are able to truly become your partner. The more we are enabled by a client, the more we can deliver greater customer service upon first contact. 

When using a dedicated agent model, our support includes administrative assistance, which helps with agent utilization. This means we can provide specialty tasks that an assistant would typically provide for an in-house business.

High-touch also carries over to our helpdesk services. A help desk is not just about guided processes and routine steps; it’s also about making the customer comfortable and answering additional questions and we have created technology, which enables our agents to use a guided process for consistent quality. It also provides the agents with a knowledge base, tracking all the steps taken, and a case system. 

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Contact Center Services?

There are dozens of benefits of the contact center services Frontline offers. The benefits will start during the first sales conversation you have with us. Our team on both the Frontline Services and the Frontline Call Center sides have worked in and set up literally hundreds of contact centers. 

Our experience extends from large enterprise implementations down to 3-seat help desks and covers diverse business genres. We pull from our past experiences to help us quickly grasp what you are experiencing, along with your vision. This means we can craft a sustainable and growth-friendly solution for you.

We’ll consider every type of need you have when we build a plan for you. Here are the most common reasons our clients want to outsource:

  • Covering Contact Volume: If you receive a sudden higher influx of customer contacts, your outsourced agents can instantly adapt to handle the high volume. 
  • Delivering Customer Experience: Dedicated outsourced agents can deliver a consistently high level of customer experience—it’s what we do all day. 
  • Satisfying Different Time Zones: If your customers live across the country or in other countries, outsourced agents can serve them even in the middle of the night.
  • Focusing on Key Roles: Your employees can get back on track spending their time on improving your business, not training new customer service reps.
  • Raising Customer Service Quality: Outsourced teams record and audit their own calls to ensure the service remains outstanding.

When Should You Consider Outsourcing?

Not all the reasons listed for considering outsourcing may be a fit for your business needs. It’s often just one or two reasons that define the “why” for your organization. We can assist you in evaluating these reasons. Below is a typical scenario:

Imagine you are a software company and are operating well with a two-person support team during normal business hours. But then, a large, lucrative contract comes through that requires 24/7 phone support. Do you hire people to sit on your helpdesk 24/7, or do you outsource your after-hours and weekend support? Your #1 reason for outsourcing is call volume

Frontline would then help you plan how to meet your needs. While talking with you, we might also find other reasons. For example, we could provide you a blended agent solution to support your help desk, which could provide 24/7 coverage at a lower cost than hiring another full-time employee. That would add to reason #2: cost.

Now, let’s say the conversation turns to what the agents would be handling. As we learn what your in-house help desk agents are doing, we find that it’s something we do every day for other clients. 

Imagine that these tasks are currently taking up 79% of your team’s time. If we were able to also provide support during business hours, your team of knowledgeable experts and engineers would get 79% more bandwidth to grow and develop your business. That would identify reason #3 to outsource: growth

Get Started with the Best in Outsourced Contact Center Services

Do these benefits of contact center services make sense for your business? Could you profit from contact center services that save your employees’ time, grow seamlessly as you grow, and impress your customers with outstanding services? 

Then you need Frontline’s outsourced call center and tech support services. Let’s start a conversation about a custom package that will best serve your needs. Contact Frontline now, or quickly request a quote.