Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to Cloud


Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to Cloud.

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By Frontline Group July 15, 2021

Benefits of moving your contact center to a cloud

Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to Cloud.

For many small businesses, a contact center starts with a couple people assigned a phone and computer in a corner of the office. As business grows, the demands of a contact center can become enormous. Soon, employees are overwhelmed, the technology is failing, and customers aren’t satisfied. There is a reason it’s called a contact center. When done right, they require a lot of space, phone systems, hardware, software, and a full staff of people. There are several benefits of moving (or starting) your contact center to the cloud, including improved customer service, analytics tracking, reduced cost, and convenience. 

How can a cloud-based contact center improve my services?

With advances in cloud-computing along with COVID-19 speeding the shift to remote work, cloud-based services in all sectors are growing faster than ever. The number of in-person call centers is declining, while more companies are shifting call centers back to the U.S. but choosing to move to the cloud. Regardless of your specific business, cloud-based contact centers offer advantages over their traditional counterparts.

What are the advantages of cloud-based contact centers?

Reduced costs: In-person contact centers are expensive to set up with costs like phone services, physical servers, computer and phone hardware, leasing space, and employing staff in-person. All of that equipment takes additional resources to maintain and keep updated. Cloud contact centers use virtual servers and centralized teams that are less expensive to support and operate.

Scalability: For quickly growing businesses, cloud-based contact centers enable scaling to keep up with a businesses growth. All of the infrastructure is already in-place. Rather than diverting attention toward growing their own contact center, businesses can focus on growing themselves. Likewise, if your business shifts toward one requiring less reliance on a contact-center you can easily scale down.

Customization: Cloud-based contact centers can be customized to fit your business needs. You can change the analytics tracked, hours of operation, data collected, flexibility, and more. You can choose the services you need when you need them. For example, at Frontline we offer help desks, customer service centers and reservation centers all staffed by highly trained agents. Depending on a company’s needs, they have access to a wide range of services.
Customer service: Customers don’t care if the contact center is at the employee headquarters or elsewhere, they just want their needs met. At Frontline, we focus on “high touch” customer care where we only succeed if the customer leaves the call content with their problem solved. Cloud-based contact centers better enable expanded hours by having employees in different time zones. They also make collaboration between agents easier, thus making sure that they can work together to quickly solve a customer’s problem. Frontline Group has carved out remote workforce solutions for years preceding the digital transformation of the new normal. Our operations have been remote since 2005, and today we have agents across 16 states poised to offer customer service 24 hours a day, 375 days each year.

Technological improvement: Cloud-based contact centers’ success in business rely on using the best technology available. Research shows that digital care (conducting customer service through online channels) is quickly becoming the most common starting point for customer service interactions. They also offer better access to data analytics and the ability to quickly shift what you’re measuring. At Frontline, we also offer real-time analytics that help companies quickly get service insights, agent monitoring, and detailed customer surveys.

Improved productivity: Cloud-based contact centers enable employees to focus on what’s important, rather than directing calls and answering simple questions. Artificial intelligence technology can help direct calls to the specific person who can help the customer the most. Companies that deploy artificial intelligence can increase employee productivity by four times. In addition, cloud-based contact centers can be counted on to be reliable and functioning due to redundancies, data security, and decentralized systems.

Bottom Line

Cloud-based contact centers are becoming the new normal for good reason. They offer flexibility, premier technology, and improved customer experience and employee productivity, all with relatively low costs and burden. For more information on what the transition will be like, read about what you can expect when you move your contact center to the cloud. With the pace of technological change, only the largest, most resourced companies can ensure their on-site contact centers stay ahead of the curve. But with cloud-based contact centers, even small and medium sized businesses can access advanced, expensive technology that improves customer and employee experience. But at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. The good news is that even if you currently operate an on-site contact center, the shift to a cloud-based center can be simple and painless. 

When it comes to upgrading technology, many decision makers cringe. However, refusing to change with the times leaves you stuck in the past. If your organization is feeling like your outdated enterprise software is holding you back, reach out to Frontline Group for Customer Care Packages designed to make the best use of available solutions.

Take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based contact center today!

Do you want to learn more about how the benefits of a cloud-based contact center could help your business? Are you ready to scale up your contact center capabilities, but don’t want to commit to building your own on-site center? 

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